This article originally taken from E! Online October 13, 1999.

Remember Push? Not many people do. An ABC drama about athletes training for the Olympics, Push was pulled after just three episodes last year. But four actors from that flop have landed on their feet this season with new starring roles.

Jason Behr (Dempsey on Push) is Max, a teen alien with heartthrob appeal on the WB's Roswell.
Maureen Flannigan (Erin), becomes Shawna, a permanent fixture in Matt Camden's life on 7th Heaven.
Jaime Pressly (Nikki) is Audrey, Jack's superbabe best bud on Jack & Jill.
Eddie Mills (Trystan) plays Vandy, a musician who's got it bad for Rebecca Gayheart on ABC's Wasteland.

Mills waxes sentimental: "Push was pretty much the first break for all of us, and it was an amazing time. Taping was like summer camp--working out, eating, doing pretty much everything together. We became this really tight-knit group and formed a support group to push each other to our absolute best. And now, here we all are. Everybody is succeeding, and it's really awesome."

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